Temporary Staffing Services

KreativeHR is offering flexibility in workforce management with the help of temporary working services. Contingent and outsourced professionals represent a flexible work force solution for project based assignments, business peaks, temporary leaves, mass recruitment or start up teams. Candidates desired by the client become employees of KreativeHR, and are working at the client’s premises.

We make sure we have a high standard of service by going through the following stages:

Taking responsibility from the employer’s point of view (KreativeHR)

Medical check – Employment contract – Health & Safety introductory training – management of payroll.

The Client (User) maintains the management function, supervision and control of the temporary staffing employees during the entire assignment.

Morever, during the assignment the Client (User) benefits the replacement of the staffing employees if it will be needed

Open-Book reporting – KreativeHR will transparently highlight all costs associated with the temporary staffing employees according to customer requirements

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