HR Outsourcing services

The outsourcing of the human resources functions consists in taking over the responsibility for all the processes related to the personnel involved in delivering the services, as well as assuming clear and measurable results.

The service includes:

  • Recruitment and selection of staff to provide the service
  • Employment and onboarding
  • Implementation
  • Development and performance management

Types of Services:

Provides flexibility to companies by offering the know-how of the KreativeHR HR consultants, accompanied by a high level of experience. It can be offered both for recruitment services and for the workforce management.

KRT OnSite solution, offers you a dedicated consultant, part-time or full-time, who will carry out his activity at the headquarters of your company, in order to take over partially or completely, the human resources processes.

The role of the assigned consultant is to improve productivity and streamline the entire process.

Offering the entire function of the recruitment process outsourcing meaning: sourcing, phone screening, conducting the interview, delivering the candidate profile, or a part of the process, by acting as part of your recruitment department, coordinating the processes using the agency’s expertise as well as respecting the performance indicators agreed at the beginning of the business partnership.

In addition to access to various databases, our consultants will also receive support from the agency throughout the service.

We offer and request feedback throughout the service, analyzing the evolution of each service on a monthly basis.

Respectively: administration, invoicing, service coordination.

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