HR Consultancy

KreativeHR provides a variety of services that offers in real-time advising and visibility with regards the capability and dynamics of the labor market, therefore the companies could assess and calibrate the business objectives accordingly.

We can customize the needed solution for your business on-demand.

We are offering a wide range of solutions, including:

Our consultants will give you the overview of the labor market situation at national level, as follow:

Market mapping studies for a specific sector and city, providing information gathered from the candidates, about the future job exceptions, salaries, and benefits barometer for various sector of activities.

Surveys – Employee satisfaction using various methods and survey you will see the status of the company’s employees as well as their expectations. The client will know what are the factors which help retain/ motivate employees

Service through which we offer flexibility to companies struggling with transition or restructuring. No restructuring is welcome! Through this service, we assist the transition process for employees that leave the company and provide them with professional orientation towards different jobs. We are offering 121 training to the employees to become active to the labor market.


What will we do for you?


  • Planning the process
  • Proper communication with the employees
  • Assisting employees to identify jobs that match their professional qualifications, needs and future plans
  • We provide valid information about the companies in the market that employees target, about the work environment and the human resources policy
  • We offer 2 job options for each person involved in the outplacement process
  • We mediate and identify the best solutions for both the employee and the client company. So that the client separates from his colleagues in a fair way, and from an economic point of view
  • Employees will benefit from 121 meetings to prepare the strategy for identifying a new job, which makes the search period much shorter.

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