Head Hunting & Executive Search

KreativeHR team is looking forward to successfully deliver the most ambitious recruitment and selection projects of our Business Partener.

Our approach is based on customization of each and every project,  based on industry, seniority, and the typology, offering visibility of deliverables, precise deadlines and measurable results.

Having continuous learning approach, we are striving to increase our quality in delivery, therefore we are developing the most efficient process of recruitment, evaluation, and placement of the candidates.

Following the proper methodology, we ensure that the suitable candidate is delivered passing them to the following stages:

  • Direct search approach, identifying candidates by using different digital channels
  • Prescreening (via phone)
  • Conducting the face-to-face interview online/offline, using a competency based interview (STAR and Lominger)
  • Reference check
  • Evaluation and setting up the candidate profile
  • Sending the Shortlist
  • Candidate management (during the process and during the induction part)

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